Live Training

Become state-licensed

AMMA(American Mold and Moisture Association) hosts live training for ABSA students to become Florida state-licensed in mold assessments and remediation. 

Become a specialist

Gain industry knowledge that separates you from the competition putting you on your way to becoming an expert. This is also a great stepping stone for specialist positions (like becoming an indoor environmentalist)

Increase your revenue

Expand business opportunities: Obtain the necessary license in Florida, unlocking a whole new range of lucrative opportunities for your business.

Tap into a high-demand market

Florida is known for its humid/wet climate, making it prone to mold growth. By offering these services, you can meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in this field.

Help Others with serious issues

Mold can be dangerous, and there are people currently living in it. You can make a difference by providing mold-related services that help people with healthy living.

Online Courses